Hand Woven Graduation Stole/Sash

Hand Woven Graduation Stole/Sash

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All orders from LCEU will be delivered to the school before the graduation ceremony.

This black yellow gold and green graduation stole/sash typically features hand-woven kente cloth, showcasing patterns, colors, and symbols. It is worn to symbolize achievements

These are what the symbols in the stole/ sash represent

  • Diamond Shape: This shape represents knowledge, clarity, and balance. It can also symbolize the idea of growth and prosperity.
  • Key: Symbolizes knowledge, understanding, and access to hidden. It can also represent authority, power, or the unlocking of potential.
  • Stool: The stool is a highly revered symbol in Ghanaian culture, representing leadership, authority, and the unity of a community or nation. It's also often associated with royal ceremonies.
  • Edges: The threads at the end of both sides, means this accomplishment isn't the end. There is greater potential after this journey. Your success story continues 

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