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Hand-beaded African earrings

The Abbiexpress has a wide variety of African-made hand beaded earrings - each one unique and designed to suit your style.

Abbiexpress is a home for products from all over Africa. So whether you're looking for artworks, textiles, or artifacts, Abbiexpress has a wide variety of African-made products that can be shipped worldwide.

Buy with Confidence

Our sellers are hand-selected from the best local artists and craftspeople, so you know you will get authentic and high-quality pieces.

Quality & authenticity

Shop with confidence! Abbiexpress is the best place to buy authentic African-made products, and the only ones you'll find on the market are hand-crafted by real Africans. In addition, all our products are guaranteed to be 100% authentic and in great condition.

Shop with confidence! Our prices are some of the most competitive, so you'll get more bang for your buck than anywhere else.

The best range of African goods

We've got an amazing selection of gorgeous handmade goods from all over Africa - from hand-beaded earrings to vibrant prints; Abbiexpress has covered you.

Check out that great deal! You'll find a unique handmade item at a price that will make your eyes light up!