Marketing (Seller) Policy

Abbiexpress rules and policies are in place to create a secured market place for both our sellers and customers. These are to put some basic rules and guidelines in place to make business transactions smooth, safe and transparent as possible. Customers satisfaction is very important to us. We want all our customers to have excellent shopping experience on our plateform. Please read and understand all of our rules and regulations before agreeing to be part of this community

Please Note: 20% commision fee is applied to all products

Merchant/Seller Responsibilities

We have some few guidelines for our sellers that would help prevent legal issues, boost sales, help your product to be approved, Prevent your product from being taken off the website and also a very good opportunity to get your products on our paid advertisement and front page for free.


  1. Legal Issues: Merchant will be solely held accountable for falsefully listing  someone elses product without permission, illigal item or prohibited item should not be listed. If administration attention is  drawn to such act, product will be taken down from the website or merchant will not be allowed on the website for a year or more.
  2. Description: Be truthful in describing your product, Write a title that 90% of people would type in google search when looking for your product, give correct weight of your product. That helps us bill for correct shipping fee, Put correct variants (size, color, flavor....etc), Write down how long it takes for your product to be ready for shipping. Write a very good description as if you have no picture. NO CONTACT NUMBERS ARE ALLOWED AT THE DESCRIPTION SIDE.
  3. Photo: With an excellent picture you know you already have 70% attention of your customer. Your picture can make a buyer want to have or not to have your product. You can show different sides, versions or multiple pictures of your product to attract a potential buyer
  4. Taking Down Product: It's the responsibilty of the merchant to remove products that are out of stock. Merchant, will be removed from the website if products are unable to be fulfilled on serveral occasions.
  5. Choose Right Options: Merchant, is responsible for listing the correct country of origin that's where product would be shipped from eg Ghana, Togo, Zambia....., choose correct category, collection..... when posting your products


Restricted Or Prohibited Listings

We have this policy in place because some things may present legal risks, infringe on other person's property rights, maybe harmful to our customers or may not be in line with the values of Abbiexpress.


  • List only items you handmade by yourself or are allowed to list with permission by the owner
  • Dangerous items, weapons, harmful items
  • Herbs or medicine not approved by FDA
  • Ponographic or matured content
  • Expired product
  • Illigal items