Tips For Searching For The Rightful Online Store In Africa

Searching for the Rightful Online Store in Africa

Search for the Rightful Store Online

By typing what you are looking for from Africa (motherland), let's say Ankara, kente, African print backpack, kaftan, in your browser's search bar, you can see the right store for you. However, there are still some qualifications which you need to know while looking for stores. Now, here are some considerations that you need in analyzing the African online store you chose.

* The Store Should be Active - there are stores online which have been inactive for months or even years. If it happens that you notice the inactiveness of the store, you should consider searching for another store.

* Check social media handles such as Facebook, instagram, Twitter, Linkedin... to see if account is still active. When was the last time something was posted and also if account is used for business or personal purposes

* Check the Ratings of the Store - while ratings don't mean everything, you should still check the rating of a specific store to compare it to another store or to decide whether you want to order or not. The ratings in the store should not be lower than three (3) stars because if it does, it could have some unfaced issues.

* It Should be Reachable - when you want to have inquiries about what you are looking for such as "Ankara, kente, African print backpack, kaftan" or another product, you should check if the store has contact options where you can reach out to your questions. Plus, they should reply to you after one or two days at most. If they don't, consider a change of store.

Select the Product You'll Buy

After examining the store, you can now select "Ankara kente African print backpack kaftan." However, before you buy so impulsively, look out for these first.

* Check the Price - if you want to save money, you can compare the price of the selected product in this store towards another online store that offers it. It can be a minor hassle, but it is a must if you are on a budget.

* Check the Reviews of The Product - the product you've selected should not be shady. For example, if it doesn't have any sales yet, the chance is it could be unprompted yet, and there could be problems upon ordering it. On the other hand, if the product has orders but has bad feedback, you should decide whether you want to take the risk of ordering or not.

Order it Through Your Chosen Mode of Payment

Upon ordering your selected African product, you will see options regarding the payment. For example, some online stores offer cash on delivery or through online bank payments. Whatever mode of payment you choose, ensure that you're 100% sure to avail it.

Check it Upon Receiving.

The product should be checked up when you receive it. There are instances when errors happen, so if ever you got the wrong parcel, you can refund it if you check it early. Most of the time, orders still come authentic and genuine, so don't panic too much and order responsibly. is a secure  African online marketplace with worldwide shipping

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