How Abbiexpress Started

How Abbiexpress Started

How It All Started

Abbiexpress was an idea that occurred to me at a time when I was trying to help two of my friends who had returned to Ghana from the UK and the U.S. Even though both friends had established businesses, unfortunately, marketing logistics appeared to be a big problem for both. Subsequently, I created a simple group platform on Facebook called All In One Source which allowed my friends and others to connect with other vendors and customers. However, once they had made contact with either a supplier, a vendor, or indeed a buyer, another issue presented itself – Making secure sales and purchases! It was at this stage I began to think of a more robust and secured website where this simple platform could move to and begin a lifetime journey. I was excited about this new venture because I could see its potential of creating businesses and employment as well as a ‘safe place’ where people in the diaspora could get access to authentic products straight from ‘home’! Our name on facebook became our URL but then again people complained it was too long so I had to think of another name that would be shorter and catchier at the same time; so that's how Abbiexpress came about and why now we have

Our mission 

Our mission is to create employment, boost the economy, help support businesses in Africa; especially in Ghana and also to make it convenient for the rest of the world to get access to affordable authentic African products; in a nutshell, by buying from Abbiexpress, you are indirectly helping to build Africa.

“Abbiexpress – Bridging the gap between Africa and the world”

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