Crucial Tips to Maintain Your African Print Products

Crucial Tips to Maintain Your African Print Products

You can't go wrong with an African dresses for women this summer if you're searching for a genuinely distinctive statement item. These are gowns that tell a tale, not just via the colors that pay attention to the African content, but also through the hidden symbols that speak of historical traditions and cultural ideas hidden within their patterns. If you've decided it's time to embrace your African heritage with a statement piece from Abbi Express, here are a few ideas for keeping your dress looking as good as new across many fashion seasons.

  1. Soften the fabric

When you first get your dress from African online store, you'll find that it's a little stiff - don't worry, this is due to a special wax coating placed on 100 percent cotton, which is normally a lot stiffer than other fabrics, and there's an easy remedy for it. Regular washing cycles will soften the clothing, but if you can't wait to wear your African print dress right now, there are a few things you may do to soften it.

It can be soaked in a bucket of cold or lukewarm water with 60ml of fabric conditioner added. You may also use your washing machine if you add a little fabric softener and set the temperature to cool or lukewarm.

  1. Preserve the color

As is customary for handmade garments, these lovely creations should always be hand-washed, or at the very least, cold-washed. However, even if you constantly wash your items cold, it is well known that regular wash cycles can lead to color fading. However, there is a simple tip that you may use to keep the colors of your favorite African dresses for women.

There's only one thing you'll need: salt! Salt's chloride keeps your garments bright and brilliant by locking in the color even after multiple wash cycles. Just treat your African print items to a spoon of salt before each wash cycle, and you'll be dazzled by their vibrant colors for years.

  1. Dry and iron properly

Lastly, tumble drying African print dresses, like spin cycles, is a no-no because it will only degrade the richness of the colors and add to a shorter lifecycle, especially where colors are concerned. Hanging your dresses out to dry is excellent; however, avoid direct sunshine, especially if they will be out for an extended period of time, as this may bleach the fabric. On the other hand, to retain the colors in your clothing, iron it from the inside. Use your iron's cotton setting. is an African online store that has the best and affordable prints. Visit the website today for more.

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