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Get three (3) strands of this beautiful  African waistbead per order. It is  made up of quality African white beads, gold seedbeads and black beads. It is water resistant hence wouldn't fade even when you have it on whiles taking a bath or swimming. It can be worn on the belly, waist or hip, per preference. The beads are joined together with either cotton string or a nylon jewelry thread. 

Product Type : Waistbeads

Product Quantity: You will receive three (3) strands of waistbeads per each order at the same delivery cost. 

Materials : White beads, black beads and gold seedbeads. 

Joining Material : Cotton string / Nylon Jewelry thread (Both are very durable) 

Length : You can request for any length of choice

Available colours : Gold, white, red, black, yellow, rainbow, blue. ( You can select any colour combination of your choice) 

Water resistant : Yes


Additional Notes 

  • The cotton string waistbead is made longer in length to fit most belly, hip or waist sizes. This should be the preferred joining material if you do not know the exact beads length to buy. 


  • The nylon jewelry thread waistbead is preffered as a joining material when you know the exact length of the waistbeads to buy. The waistbead is connected using a screw lock and so cannot be made longer or shorter. Buyers are advised to communicate the accurate length when choosing the plastic string as a joining material.